# About ARISTOTLE ![Gas Flow through SSI](/static/homepage/img/SSI_Particle.gif) Figure 1. Example rarefied gas flow through the Spectral Sciences, Inc. logo using ARISTOTLE. ARISTOTLE is a cloud-based software technology to model low pressure gas flows through any geometric structure such as vacuum systems and pumps. Compared to existing simulation software, ARISTOTLE gives more freedom to modelers for predicting gas flow dynamics by removing limitations on geometric configurations of the system and not requiring any assumptions on the collisional nature of the flow. ARISTOTLE can accept existing geometric representation of vacuum systems using industry standard file formats that can include walls, baffles, inflow and outflow surfaces, and substrates. It can include relevant physical and chemical models, flow conditions, and run-time parameters. The software automatically initializes the models, performs the simulation, and samples the results to predict the flow through the chamber. The outputs include spatial and temporal resolution of the gas number density of each chemical species, velocity, temperature, and pressure. ## Applications ARISTOTLE is designed to be applicable to a wide range of applications, which include: * Prediction of gas flow through vacuum chambers, including collisions * Prediction of leak between stages and performance of turbo-molecular gas pumps * Analysis and optimization of windowless gas cells * Thin film growth * Surface sputtering * Molecular beam epitaxy * Plasma processing * Lyophilization (freeze drying) ## More Information For more information and to inquire about evaluation of the software, please fill out the form [here.](/beta_signup)